iTIME Wash Sdn Bhd
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Subang Mewah,
47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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As I Time Wash Sdn Bhd’s primary supplier Diversey of cleaning products and laundry chemicals, Diversey has helped our Laundry brand utilize low-temperature laundering and reduce overall washing cycle frequency. Diversey products have helped extend the life of our Hotels bedroom and bathroom linens, as well as reduce overall water and energy consumption—a critical goal throughout the Laundry/hospitality industry.

Diversey has recorded a reduction on water consumption per hotel room inventory by almost 65 litres due to the use of low temperature laundry.


We are adopting a new way in Dry Cleaning innovation call the Aqua Wash wet cleaning whereby is one of the most sustainable way of protecting the earth. We are helping our customer to reduce the environment and operational impact for their businesses. We are partnering with our strategic main partner SEITZ in this new innovation.

Our Laundry Services include for Commercial Laundry Service, Industrial Laundry Service, Hotel Laundry Service, Restaurant Laundry Service.